6 Practical Tips Cleaning Kitchen

Large colonial relics house, so does the kitchen. Time passes and the size of the kitchen shrinks as the land becomes narrower. This is not a big deal. Interior open plan or LDK (living room, dining room, kitchen) can make the house look more spacious than the actual size. However, the cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen needs to be maintained because guests will see this area when entering our house. Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor just is not enough. We need to do a deep cleaning regularly.

Here are tips on cleaning the kitchen that will not drain your energy:

  1. Cleaning the stove

Undoubtedly, the stove is one of the dirtiest points in the kitchen. There was a sprinkling of cooking oil, a piece of vegetable, or a soupy soup spilled around it. Either an electric stove or a gas stove, everything should be cleaned. Pour liquid detergent or cleaning fluid on the sponge, then use to wipe the surface of the stove. Let stand for a moment, wipe the surface of the stove with a sponge. In this way the surface of your stove will be perfectly clean.

  1. Cleaning the refrigerator

Try not to keep the refrigerator door full of any cooking record notes or unused shopping records. In order not to smell, the inside of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned regularly. How, remove all the food following drawers and refrigerator shelf that can be removed. Pour hot water in the basin, then mix the dish washing liquid and soak the drawer and the refrigerator rack inside. Then wipe and rinse the parts. Use the same solution to wipe the outside of the refrigerator. Apply a solution of baking soda and water to stubborn stains on the refrigerator door, let stand for a while, then wipe with a sponge.

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  1. Cleaning the sink

Although exposed to water continuously, the sink can also be stained. Dish washing filters should be cleaned first. Then flush the sink with warm water (not hot water or boil because it can damage the pipe). Rub all parts of the sink, then drip the whitening liquid all over the surface. Let stand for five minutes, then rinse with water. Use rubber gloves so that the hand is not irritated due to the bleach liquid.

  1. Cleaning the kitchen wipes

Duster kitchen is obviously dirty because we use it to clean the kitchen table, dining table, etc. Dissolve vinegar or bleach in hot water, then soak your kitchen laps in it. Your kitchen laps will be clean faster than stains if you mix a little bleach in the solution. Then rinse it with cold water, then dry.

  1. Clean up the trash

Although the garbage has been dumped every day, sometimes the garbage can still smell foul. Of this ‘fantastic’ smell will make the guests frown if the living room adjacent to the kitchen is not it? The solution, pour hot water in the trash then dissolve the cleaning fluid into it, let stand a few moments. After the odor disappears, remove the solution in it, then dry the trash before use.